June 9, 2008

Hi, I’m Tracey Morgan,

I am writing this for:

  • anyone being stalked/harassed
  • anyone who thinks they’re being stalked/harassed, or for anyone who wants to help someone in that position
  • Employees of the Criminal Justice Agencies and Lawyers who want to know what it’s like from the victim’s perspective.

I spearheaded the campaign by ACPO and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust which led to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
I was founder of Network for Surviving Stalking charity (though no longer associated with)
Supporter and co-presenter with Protection Against Stalking charity

1998 – present: Independent Advisor ACPO Working Group on Stalking/Harassment (voluntary)
2003 – 2006 Lay Member of Home Office Victims Advisory Panel (voluntary)

Speaker and trainer on the stalking issue.
Experienced media interviewee on the stalking issue.

I also have a full-time job so if you contact me, it may be a while before I reply.

If you are being stalked and need advice, please contact the National Stalking Helpline http://www.stalkinghelpline.org/ or on 0808 802 0300.

You should contact your local police for help.  If you feel in immediate danger, please call 999.

Tracey Morgan


Tracey Morgan created this site for victims of stalking and other interested parties.  Tracey Morgan will not be responsible for anything you do or do not do as a result of the advice and information on this site.  The advice and information is given as general guidance and should not be relied upon.  It is not intended as a substitute for taking legal or other professional advice.

Tracey Morgan is not responsible for the content of any websites with links on this site . 

Tracey Morgan is not responsible for any third party comments posted on this site and has the right to remove any correspondence deemed offensive or distressing.  

2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Just knowing that others have gone/are going through the same kind of experience is helpful to me.

    I’ve been through hell & now have court cases to deal with as my stalker has plead not guilty to his 100+ charges. He got remanded in prison & then bailed out. Whereby the fear campaign started all over again, but this time he was breaking in & stealing items like my tv, cameras, computers, but worse were things like photos & personal papers, blackmailing me into not reporting his breaches of a 2 year violence restraining order & a protective bail order in order to get items back. He wanted me to lie in court for him so he could get off on charges & escape a prison sentence.

    Each person I involved in trying to get help was put at risk, & one friend was attacked with a knife & on another occasion a shovel, & soon nobody wanted to get involved – “don’t make it my problem” was the response from one friend when I called for help. Others, some friends of his, assisted with this fear campaign, posting disgusting attacks on me online & even assaulting me at night in a park, two women friends of his who I don’t know grabbed me from behind & punched me in the face repeatedly while I walked home, apparently because he told them I’d said nasty things about them, these women who I don’t even know & had no prior opinion of.

    The final straw was not all the assaults, harassment at all hours, malicious rumours, chemical bombs, knife through my door, slashing tyres, blowing up a car, calling my work pretending to be police, sending deliveries to my home via the local taxi company that nearly black-listed my address (& I need taxis now because he vandalised my car plus two hire cars I am still paying for), threatening my life, physically attacking my friends, constantly breaking in regardless of if I was home or out; but came just over a week ago when he stuck a needle in his arm, drew blood (he has Hep C) & threw the needle at me like a dart (it missed) & then the following day he set fire to my lounge room with my pets inside. I took everything to the police, recordings, phone messages, photographic evidence etc, despite knowing I will now never get anything back that he’s stolen. But I have my life & that is worth so much more than any physical possessions on this earth.

    I feel so emotionlly drained. Humiliated, ashamed, at a loss to explain how this could happen. People always ask the vicitm “why is he doing this?” & I find it so frustrating because this sort of behaviour is not for me to explain, how can I when I don’t understand it myself. They also make me feel like I am somehow to blame. The police make the victim feel like a criminal & then they wonder why an abused, terrified, isolated, down-trodden woman can’t seem to make the call to ask for help.

    I have been on stress leave from work for months now & I’m due back in the office this Monday. I have to go back because I have no money left & nobody to ask for help with this really. My family are mostly estranged from me & haven’t listened when I’ve tried to talk to them about what’s been going on. They make me feel guilty. I am so nervous about going back to work & about all the questions I’ll be asked. Certain colleagues who have no idea about what has been happening to me are bullying me as they think I’m just having an extended holiday & that I have a low work ethic. They make me feel pathetic & like I am weak. I keep trying to tell myself that I am a survivor & I am strong. I flew to the city to talk to a therapist & that helped a little but I can’t afford to go back & the local therapists are my work colleagues at the country health service, & despite sessions being “confidential”, it’s hard when you have to have morning tea & staff parties with your therapist. Gossip is intrinsic to any office environment. My anxiety at returning is made so much worse by the knowledge one of the managers at work is an associate of my stalker.

    It helps to be writing this. It is the first time I’ve been able to put all this into words. Now I have the prison contacting me daily as he’s given them my new phone number (under a false name) & is trying to call me. I am scared that he may get bail again. I am scared of his friends & associates on the outside who all seem willing to be coerced into doing his bidding. I am aware that he got in trouble while behind bars the last time for trying to get a friend of his to come visit me & they were discussing what to do to me during a recorded phone call from the prison. This friend of his grabbed me through his car window & dragged me along the bitumen reversing at high speed on one occasion in the past. He goes back to court on the 23rd of this month.

    I feel so alone, so tired, sad & over everything.

    Sarah – South Hedland, Western Australia.

  2. FreemasonMark Says:

    Ok im a man, and ive been Gangstalked for years, and years
    Ive been hounded out of jobs, watched, followed, tape recorded, and threatened, along with there life threats
    Ive been Drug Raped, Drug Infected with Hepititus C, theyve used GPS Trackers to follow me where ever i go
    So you tell me what i should do, as its not going to end well

    The people stalking me are popular only through being violent, or are drug dealers, so are popular by respect
    They are well financed, respected, and have people in all walks of life helping them
    Meaning they have respected figures within the Police, Council, Doctors, and Nurses Etc, Etc
    Some of the stalkers are in my every day life like they own Taxis, night clubs, pubs, scrap yards, and doormen
    There boxers, dancers, Djs, Singers, chip shop owners, and thats not the half of it
    Even my postman knew about my stalking, and was an old school friend, but is still in with the stalkers
    ( Hes since moved on, dont know if he requested that himself though, as he couldnt face me )

    It dont matter where i go, as all it takes is for one of them to say a word, and peoples attitudes change towards me
    Im more or less a recluse, i could set a camera up on my front door for a year, and no friends would knock on my door
    Because theyve all been influenced away by the stalkers, and what they say about me

    I have a family now growing up, and i would not let them marry anyone from around here, and am afraid for them
    Infact what is to become of my family???, will they be stalked, and go through the hell what i did??
    Will my girls be marked by these people???, not if i can help it

    I have them all nicely packed, and collected on Facebook, and it dont matter who you pick, they all have friends in commen
    Like one main stalker has 2,500 friends, but has 138 mutual friends to me,
    Or another stalker has 1,500 friends, but also has the same 138 mutual friends to me
    Even when someone has 500 friends, you can garantee there linked to the 138 in some way
    So if they have the same friends that link, and they can influence them, then how do i stand a chance??
    But out of the 138 people, its just a core of hard liners that amount to maybe 12 people, or less

    The few that started this in the 1st place years ago were a small minority, influenced by 1, or 2
    But the snowball they started to roll has grown much to big now, and everyone is now getting in on the bandwagon
    Even to the extent they are putting warnings out on Facebook

    Theyve used Degrading Themes, Street Theatre, Insinuations, Indirect Threat, Followed me, and alot more
    Theyve deffinately Discredit, and Destroyed my Credibility where i live
    Theyve deffinately Eliminate my means of Subsistence or Resources,
    I cant even support my family, or go out in peace with my family,

    How can i let my kids go out knowing that these same people are there to take the piss out of them
    They think its funny, and amusing that i got drugged, and raped, and a whole host of other things
    I even went to a funeral, and those involved happen to be there,
    And all i can here behind me is the gangstalkers saying :- you do take the piss, you are unreal,
    Thinking im a joke, and what theyve done to me is great, and im supposed to let my family grow up with this in the future??

    Theres more i could say on how theyve affected me, and my whole family over the years
    Even if you brought a team here to investigate, i think you would not find it hard to get involved
    Even to gain evidence that this is all really going on, and my families future is under threat
    Because as it stands now, im in a corner, Ive got this gnot in my gut every day, and im ready to explode
    I go to sleep thinking of them, and my 1st thought when waking is of them, and i want it gone

    So i must ask you, if they have people in high places, and have alot of influence with people in high places
    Then how could i even trust you, or what you stand for, as they even have good charity workers involved??

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