CRT Trust becomes “Protection Against Stalking”

September 27, 2009

Very pleased to be involved in the charity set up by Tricia Bernal, Carol Faruqui and Stella Moore in memory of their daughters; Clare, Rana and Tania.

The charity has moved forward, changed its name to Protection Against Stalking and has a new website :


2 Responses to “CRT Trust becomes “Protection Against Stalking””

  1. Sol Says:

    I was a colleague and friend of Clare Bernal. What she went through always in back of my mind and has made me much more aware of the danger signs that were so obvious to her colleagues and friends at work but clearly missed by the police at the time. I myself was in a very frightening and mentally abusive relationship at around the same time but managed to get pluck up enough courage to walk out one night after he became violent and raised his hand to me. I felt so lonely and scared whilst in the relationship and the fact that he was a police man didn’t help either. I felt totally trapped and thought no one would ever believe me if I told them what I was going through. I think it’s so fantastic that these 3 mothers are helping and saving the lives of so many women and giving them a voice and a chance to get justice before it’s too late. I would love to get involved with the girl’s charity, volunteering, fund raising and building awareness of the real and present danger that ALL stalkers pose.

    • traceymorgan Says:

      Thanks so much for your email and offer of help, I’m sorry to read you’ve had a tough time. I’ll forward your information to the Mums at Protection Against Stalking who’ll be in touch with you.

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