My Opinion on the Stalking Law Review

September 24, 2011

I firmly believe the Protection from Harassment Act needs reviewing. It was brought in to tackle stalking but is being used for all types of harassment which, in effect, means that stalking cases are being categorised in the same way as a boundary dispute or an argument over a hedge. My views, which have been heard by the Parliamentary Committee reviewing the law, are that we need the highest level (in addition to Section 2 & Section 4) as Stalking so that it is made a legal term and is treated far more seriously than it is at the moment. I’ve also asked for a stalkers register, for mandatory psychiatric assessment and for risk assessments. I have also asked that the Human Rights of the victim are put above that of the perpetrator. EVERY time, the rights of the criminal come first.


One Response to “My Opinion on the Stalking Law Review”

  1. Gillian Bevis Says:

    ABSOLUTELY there should be a STALKERS REGISTER and COMPULSORY PSYCHIATRIC ASSESSMENTS to help determine future risk. These types of ESCALATING behaviours are EXTREMELY dangerous, potentially FATAL. ADDITIONALLY, as a RECIPIENT , this year of a combination of behaviours amounting to sexual assault (not ‘crimed’) actual bodily harm (not ‘crimed’) domestic violence. HARASSMENT WAS crimed RESTRAINING ORDER BREACHED numerous times PERPETRATOR runs free (HOMELESS) so NOT INCARERATED I am wondering why GPS tracking systems or ELECTRONIC TAGGING is not used in this country, in these situations as it is in UNITED STATES? HE (PERPETRATOR) held ME CAPTIVE by INSTILLING TERROR, THREATS, PHYSICAL FORCE in order to CONTROL – in restitution, at the very least I want him HELD CAPTIVE.

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