Great news that there is going to be improved support by providing specialist training to better support victims of stalking.

The partnership is launching the first national accredited training for professionals, with the aim of creating a network of skilled advisors to assist stalking victims across the UK. The training will launch in early 2013.

Very pleased that stalking legislation comes into being today.  The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 was originally designed to tackle stalking.  However, it was so broad that serious stalking cases were being dealt with in the same way as an argument over a hedge and the like.  This meant that lives were still put at risk because victims were still not taken seriously enough.  Because the word “stalking” is now a legal term, it means that stalking victims can go to the police and be treated as a victim of stalking, not just harassment, which is where the confusion lay.  There is still much work to do, but this will hopefully go a long way in giving victims the help they need.

Please see the media today and tomorrow (Monday 26th November) for more information.