I am very proud to know Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan who is Chairman of the ACPO Working Group on Stalking/Harassment, of which I am a member. Garry has been awarded the QPM (Queen’s Police Medal) for his work, of which stalking is just a part.¬† Garry has been an inspiration as leader and has led the way through some major changes and improvements¬†to the way stalking is investigated and policed.

I would like to say, at this point, that despite police still not getting it right sometimes, under Garry’s leadership, the ACPO Working Group recognises the issues and is doing all it can to tackle the problems.¬† It is up to the individual police areas to learn and understand the gaps in best practice and address them.

Because of Garry’s work, the Police Service is leading the way in recognising and addressing the issues for stalking victims, I would now like to see the rest of the criminal justice agencies – from CPS through to Prison and Probation services have such inspirational leads such as Garry in order to make a difference and save lives.

Congratulations Garry!