Putting my best foot forward for the National Stalking Helpline

June 16, 2015

I’m doing a mad thing… I’ve signed up to do the 25k of the Thames Path Challenge!  I’ve never walked more than 10 miles before and that was when I was much, much younger!

I’m doing it because I want to raise as much as possible for the National Stalking Helpline… they need it to reach more victims of stalking.  Currently they are helping as many as possible, but as we know, there are many out there who need someone to believe them, to take them seriously and give them some guidance as to what to do.

I know, having raised funds for my own charity, Network for Surviving Stalking, how hard it is for people to understand why people need the helpline.  Why funds are needed.  We’re not fluffy puppies and kittens, we’re not dying… but actually… this is about murder prevention. So many times we hear and read about cases where it’s too later: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3126395/Woman-fatally-stabbed-neighbour-said-feared-stalking-her.html

This wasn’t an ex-partner but a neighbour; that’s how terrifying it is; ANYONE can be a victim, ANYONE can be a stalker and it’s hard to know which ones will end in tragedy – although there are risk factors – how do we get the help to the right people?

Even if it doesn’t end in tragedy (and who’s to know), the quality of life for a victim and those around them is deeply affected.

I know… I’ve got the videos to prove it.

PLEASE help me to help others reach those victims who need help, advice and information to make decisions which might actually save their lives.

Please sponsor me to do the 25k http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TraceyMorgan


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