Stalking Matters #NSAW17

April 27, 2017

When Nashville, USA introduced stalking legislation, their murder rate dropped by 50%.

Now there is evidence of a link, the UK needs to start looking at stalking behaviour as a prelude to violence and murder, then our fatality rate will go down too.

TO everyone who works in or with the Criminal Justice agencies:

Please ACT fast to prevent lives being damaged or destroyed.

Please ACT.


94% Matters #NSAW17

April 26, 2017

So finally there is evidence that stalking can and does lead to violence/murder according to the latest Suzy Lamplugh Trust research.

About 15 years ago, when I led the Network for Surviving Stalking, we, together with Dr Lorraine Sheridan then at Leicester University, tried to undertake a similar piece of research to prove that there was a link. 

Of all the police forces, only 3 responded saying that of their murder cases, none were linked to stalking behaviour.

It is great to finally see the link recognised that stalking can lead to murder.

It is now time for the police and criminal justice agencies to ACT and put in place effective training and awareness so that lives will be saved.



Contact The National Stalking Helpline:

0808 802 0300

If it’s busy it means people are getting help, please keep trying!

If you feel in imminent danger, just dial 999






24th April 2017 kicks off National Stalking Awareness Week in the UK.  An opportunity to raise awareness that stalking:

  • is NOT just a celebrity problem
  • is NOT a minor nuisance crime
  • is NOT something the victim should feel flattered by
  • IS a serious crime
  • IS life changing and devastating
  • IS something which affects an average of 21 people around the primary victim
  • IS something which has the potential to end in tragedy

What are you waiting for?  Please post, repost, tweet, retweet, tell, write so the message is spread…