Sharing Information

May 3, 2017

Everywhere we go these days, people want your information.  As a victim, it’s a minefield.  Trying to limit where and what information is shared is difficult and if not done could, potentially, put someone at risk. Even my phone seems to automatically enable location, if I’m not on the ball and don’t disable it, this could provide goodness knows who with where I am, my regular locations etc… this has the potential to put me at risk. Social media is a whole other story.

When a shop or business asks for information I always ask:

What information do you need?

Why do you need it?

What are you doing to do with it?

Sometimes I can see through the faff they tell me but it’s really important to know where your information is going.  Will it be sold on? And why, if I am buying a battery, does the shop need to know my name and address?

Sometimes I say no.

Always ask, you never know.

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