MASIP Programme

April 11, 2019


Way back in 2005, I learnt about the creation of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre [FTAC] in London which was pioneering a new way of working and looking at potential stalkers and threats to members of the Royal Family and of Government. It was members of the criminal justice system and health service working together to help manage risk of individuals to VIPs.

I was very keen to see this service for ‘the masses’ as it was actually tackling the problem and trying to minimise the impact on an individual.

At one point I chaired a meeting with members of FTAC and the ACPO Lead at the time, with the Home Office hosting, to ask FTAC to educate ACPO on their work and understand that this is what was needed for us all.

A number of years later the Hampshire Clinic came to fruition and then Cheshire’s project. I am so proud to have worked with members of both and look forward to seeing them develop along with other areas where the vital work can be replicated, stalking impact can be better understood, risk management more effective, the impact on the victim be reduced and ultimately lives will be saved.

For more details, click here : MASIP Programme

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