National Stalking Awareness Week

April 12, 2019


As this awareness week draws to a close, please don’t let it stop you continuing to spread the word about stalking and its impact. Do it every day. If you hear someone telling a joke about stalking or minimising what stalking is about, I challenge YOU to challenge them. Stalking is not funny, it’s not flattering to have a stalker. It is terrifying. Would you joke about rape to a rape victim?

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, as always, lead the way in this subject, and they have been doing so for many years; since my 2 case officers sat with Diana Lamplugh by the Thames in 1995 telling my story to her and asking for her help in highlighting the loophole in the law. It was at that point she realised that Suzy had been stalked before she disappeared. Our campaign for the law changed at that moment…Diana and the Trust were fully on board and relentlessly campaigned with us to highlight the gaps and the impact it was having on me, and many others who were coming forward at that time. The Trust has been at the forefront ever since.

As the professionals I have had around me retire, I hope they’ll still keep the word out there, and in my personal case, as we approach each parole hearing, those currently in the jobs all understand exactly what the impact is for a victim, their family and friends.

So many have joined the campaigns and raised their voices to highlight just how deadly stalking can be. As survivors – and there are many of us now – we can’t retire, we have to keep going, keep educating and fighting so that everyone understands what stalking is so that future victims don’t have to go through what we have been through.

Whether it’s your job, your profession, your vocation or your experience – thank you for your hard work which makes such a difference to victims and those around them.

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