If you think you’re being stalked, firstly you need to do 2 key things:

1.  Keep a diary along with any evidence

2.  Contact the police

To explain:

  • Write down all that’s been happening to you, in diary format, so that you have dates, times, locations, descriptions of people, car make/registration numbers and contact details of anyone who has witnessed the incident(s).  Ensure you include how you’re feeling, as it will show how it affects you.  This will not only help you, but assist the police in their investigation.
  • Contact your local police station and report what is happening to you, letting them see the evidence you have.  Note down the Officer’s name & number and any crime reference number you are given.  Don’t forget to record this in your diary.


  • Carry a mobile phone with you, as well as a personal attack alarm.  It’ll help you feel more comfortable when you go out.
  • Try to show no emotion to your stalker (this may be hard), do NOT confront them or agree to meet with them.  If you do come into contact, aim to get away, ideally to a busy place.
  • Check your home security
  • Keep a list of useful telephone numbers by the phone (See page USEFUL PHONE LIST) and give to a neighbour, friend, relative. 
  • Consider asking someone to be another contact for the police.  This will be helpful in a situation if you are stressed or traumatised, they can talk to the police and get details if you feel you cannot cope at  that time.
  • Inform friends, neighbours, colleagues of what is happening to you, they can also keep a record of what happens and suspicious incidents for you, as well as supporting and protecting you (eg; screening your calls at work)

To reduce availability of your details:

  • Consider obtaining a secure PO Box for your contact address.  To make it secure, an accompanying letter from the police will be required for your application.  Contact Royal Mail on 08457 950 950 or see their website (see Links)
  • Register with the Mailing Preference Service on 0845 703 4599 to enable customers to have their names and home addresses removed or added to lists used by the industry (to reduce junk mail)
  • Register with the Telephone Preference Service on 0845 070 0707 to help you make sure your telephone number is no longer available to organisations who may telephone you with offers and information you do not wish to receive
  • If you have a fax, register with the Fax Preference Service on 0845 070 0702
  • Apply for Anonymous Voter Registration, this aims to ensure you and anyone covered by a restraining order or injunction remains anonymous.  See the Links page for the Electoral Commission for more information
  • Ensure your phone numbers – home and mobile – are withheld
  • Rely on your instinct, it does work: if you ever feel in imminent danger, do not hesitate to call 999.

See further pages on Evidence – What to do & Electronic Advice and Links section

(c) Copyright Tracey Morgan 2008


  1. milly Says:

    I have been stalked in my own home for 3 years now, the only evidence I have are recordings on my mobile phone tho these are not clear enough to pinpoint anyone in particular. I believe my home is or was being bugged and have countless experiences that cannot be explained any other way than someone bugging me. I am not pyschotic and not on drugs, this is very real and happeining now.The frustrating thing is I know who and why but cannot get the evidence I need or the right people to believe me.

    • BARBARA Says:

      I feel the same way , everyone thinks I am crazy , not on drugs neither.



    • I have been stalked since moving into a sheltered flat in M’head. The guy started by trying to make a pass and since then I’ve had mud put on my blanket; he listened to me over the intercom before I’d leave and waited outside; waits outside and stares at me if my routine is the same on the second day; he comes into my flat and leaves marks and has left urine stains on the toilet and squirted lotion on my carpet by my bed. Had the door secured and then found the windows in my bedroom had been unlocked. Muddy mark on wall about a week ago which I didn’t understand and now know why. He stares at my bedroom window from his landing in the evening. The Housing Authority where I live say I have to go for a psychiatric evaluation, line my curtains and ignore him and go out more!!! I am so angry with the stupidity and lack of empathy from those I had turned to and am looking for a solicitor to get a restraining order slapped on this person. What I find nauseating is that if I want to defend myself with a knife if he comes into my bedroom while I’m asleep they go gaga and think it’s wrong for me to hurt the poor little guy!! Knowing that at least 12 people are murdered each year because of stalking should be a wake-up call to people to think about a plan of self defense that makes it possible to survive and attack by the stalker.

    • Patsy Says:

      Me too… However I know why it is happening to me!

  2. nfl shop Says:

    Really intriguing story, something comparable to this happened to me not too long ago and it pretty much played out in the same way to how you describe it.

  3. Peter Reynolds Says:

    Withheld telephone numbers shouldn’t be allowed

  4. MaileySmith Says:

    Great post! I have been stalked and I know how it feels being stalked by someone. I would suggest this SafeTrec mobile security application that I have now, it has a panic button for emergency purposes. You can notify your parents, trusted friends and route it to the nearest 911 in your area. This is the protection I have

  5. BARBARA Says:

    How can , I keep this creep out of my home , they get my keys , they tear down my fence,as if it is falling a part !! It is old , but , not falling a part!!

  6. BARBARA Says:

    Plus he has broke into other homes , just never been caught , yet !! They watch when I go , plus there is more then 1 person doing this !!

  7. BARBARA Says:

    OH , I have a security system , but he has forged my husband’s name to this contract , I am working on getting these people caught !! It has affect my sleep , life , home is slowing getting tore up. My in laws , family & friends they think it all in my head. I am so mad, no I am not scared , if them !!
    The Sheriff’s office they have been called but , I have called them so much , on everything . They won’t come back out here , till I install camereas !! I don’t have much money any way.

  8. Dan Says:

    I think I am being stalked by m parents. Now you’d think this is being “over-protective” but they always know what I do after school before they come home from work. I dont like them doing it, I’m going to talk to him about it later.

  9. Ifightback Says:

    I have a stalker – I didn’t even realise what he was doing until things got bizarre enough. He has left porn in my garden, and currently leaving broken/crushed food items on my doorstep. What he doesn’t realise is that the police and I are watching him, everything is being logged. He has a prior criminal record. I cannot wait to take him down – I am angry enough to bide my time in doing so. I really think that where you can, it is a good idea to take the time needed – give them the rope to hang themselves, otherwise the police cannot make the prosecutor take the case to court.

  10. shirley Says:

    I would like to support the current legislative changes being considered by Parliament in England and Wales with regards to making stalking a crime that is independent of the Harassment Act.

    I understand there is a consultation period which ends the 5th of February.

    What can I do to support this campaign?

  11. Sam Says:

    I have been with my Boyfriend for almost 6 years, his mother has always hated me. I was 17 and he was 16 when I got pregnant and had our child. It started during my pregnancy in which arguements would break out between our families and I had personal problems with her prior to all of this. She was asked not to be in the room, despite being asked she came in anyway. Afterwards we just couldn’t get along,it got to where she couldn’t come over. he would get on the phone and argue with my boyfriend that she was going to the cops and getting me for rape because of the age difference. Not long after CPS was called for FALSE allegations. My daughter has special needs and I had doctors on my side to help prove I was doing everything I was supposed to do. It didn’t take CPS long to close the case because I was proven to be a fit mother. After that his aunt unknowingly admitted to calling CPS and his mother was also in on it. There were things said that only she would know and we have cut off contact. A year later my Boyfriend had gotten into some legal problem which were a result of being set up and his mom tried to have me blamed for the whole thing. She would text my phone and say stuff like I’m driving around (the city) down by where you live waiting for you to wake up and I’ll take you to the lawyers. Frightened, I just wouldn’t write back and I would ignore her calls. I had to get a house phone set up and I asked for a private unlisted number. I soon found out she would get on the internet and type in my name and she got my address and phone number. I later moved and I have had problems where she would tell my boyfriend she would call on her way over then he would walk outside to see her driving around our parking lot. Then we would have problems with his cousin just stopping by unannounced. One night we caught him staring in by our sliding door, we kept our blinds drawn for just these reason and we caught him doing it. His family doesn’t know that we now 3 kids and to be honest it is better that way. But my daughter is in school and I have a fear that his mom will find out where she goes to school and go there and get her. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid to get a house phone and I don’t want her to get my address because I don’t put it past her to drive by and stalk us. I just recently found out that when his cousin was dropping by, he stole pictures of my daughter and gave them to her and she is posting them on the internet. I wish I could get a restraining order but I have no physical proof to provide as evidence and I’m not sure how I can protect my children. I live in fear of her and that I have to constantly watch my back. What do I do?

  12. kate Says:

    I have a little different story. The stocking is sooo real and bad. The problem i have is its someone that lives in my home. Im trying to leave but Im in a state with no one period. No family no friends. Im not a lover of this person, it was just a previous person I used to work with. From going through my personal items, downloading fotos of me where ever he can find them.

    This was a problem when I was working, however my employer litterely told me it was my fault and they did nothing about it. I ended up believing maybe I was wrong, maybe I was just looking at it in the wrong way. Now that I have time to really put all the pieces together, I know different.

    As example: I was put into the hospital for a medical issue, when i came home all my drawers were changed around including all my underwear and bras all nicely folded. If I get a phone call (on my cell) he will position himself somewhere in the area and try to pickup whatever info he can from the conversation.
    If I get a text message or texting someone myself he litterely flipps out, slamming doors, cabinets et.
    He has gotton into my phone messages which has a code (I never gave him) and he just NOW told me of a message that was very inportant from a few days ago. He should of never been able to hear those messages, so he has been in my room and found the code.
    Thats just a few of the things, but I feel there is a camera on me constantley and I wont even take a shower when hes in the home. I feel totally violated, sick to my stomach and completely stuck.

    Again I am trying to get out of here but Im currently pregnant and a very high risk pregnancy which leaves me unable to work or much of anything,.

    But Im wondering if there is any advise out there, other then get out, cuz I know I need to. Is there anyone else that has been through this or going through it? Honestly its something so hard to explain of the damage and the violation one feels unless you have lived it. What help is there possibly for me now under my current circumstance.

  13. rosemary Says:

    police gave my stalker of eleven years afalse alibi.claimed he lived in rubbish


  14. Dana vigilante Says:

    I am a 44 year old woman who was very recently stalked by a man who I informed I no longer wanted to have contact with. It was awful. I took immediate action right after the first “I don’t think I can get over you” email, as I was not going to live my life in fear. He refused to return my house keys, so I had my locks immediately changed. I also blocked his phone numbers from my cell phone and home phone. I blocked him from texting me and I changed my email address. I also reached out to his best friend to suggest he get him some help. Before changing my email address, I sent him one email letting him know that his behavioor was not normal, that I had contacted the police, that I would have him immediately arrested if he came onto my property, that my friends, colleagues and family were aware of his behavior and that his obsessiveness was the reason I ended the relationship (stalkers usually can’t figure out what they did wrong). I also saved every bizarre email he sent me, including a two page email listing all of the reasons he missed me. All of my friends and family know that should anything happen to me, that this is the person they should look at first. It is an awful feeling not being able to sleep at night for fear of what he may be planning. My home has huge, loft like glass windows. My biggest fear is always wondering he is outside looking in. The worst part about being stalked is that you don’t know how far someone is going to go. This particular person did not take my ending our communication well and his behavior immediately went from nice to nasty. He would email me wishing me well, but the next email would be vindictive and angry (completely “normal” behavior for a stalker), as he was not getting a rise out of me, nor was I replying to him (which, I’ve learned, angers a stalker). I have an extensive security system in my home, but I feel that stalkers move beyond the borders of reality and therefore will go to any measures to obtain what they want. As a preventative measure, I had to cancel two trips that he was aware I was taking. I wish anyone being stalked the best of luck. It’s an awful position to be in and not a position that we asked or deserved to be put into.
    Dana Vigilante

  15. Sara Says:

    I met up today with the man who has been acting like a stalker. He said he just wanted to be friends. He made me feel I was being paranoid. But his behaviour doesn’t match and I had to repeat things cos he didn’t seem to get what I was telling him. If he tries it on again or comes to my workplace and watches me I will know he didn’t listen at all.

    • Tracey Morgan Says:

      I would not recommend meeting with a stalker at all, even if they say they’ll stop if you meet with them. It might put the victim at great risk.

  16. Sarah Says:

    I too am being stalked & harrassed at this time. I have no family whatsoever. I have been undergoing a medical issue & am out of work at this time. I’ve been making & selling jewelry to the neighbors & local beauty salons just to survive…but barely. I met this guy who seemed alittle nerdy but nice. He flattered me & convinced me to allow him to help me & asked me to come & stay with him…about 40 miles from where I had been living. I realized once there…that I knew absolutely no one in that area…everything was so different for me, as I didnt even know where the nearest grocery store was…etc. I was 100% dependent on him & didnt even know him. Quickly I realized I had made a major mistake by going there…however, how was I to get out of there? I had no money, no car, no family…nowhere to go…etc…I was stuck & he knew it. Suddenly what he told me & what actually was…was 2 different things.

  17. Denise Stephens Says:

    This guy was our good neighbor…so I thought for almost 10 yrs. He was really a friend of my fiance` as I really didnt talk to him much. in nov. 2010 our car was down and he let us drive one of his (had 5) no strings, as long as we need it, just put gas in it. In early Dec. 2010 Michael was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer and gave him 2 months. I spent as much time as I could trying to keep it together and Doug told me to keep car as long as I needed it. On feb 2 the hospital called me at 4 am and told me that michael died. This was also the day we had that bad ice storm. As I was pulling out of my neighborhood a 19 yr old lost control of his truck and I swerved to keep from being hit I ran his car up on a rock and the other guy didnt stop. Car was driveable so I didnt tell Doug till later that night. Anyway he took keys and got an estimate on..almost $14000…He said he cancelled his full coverage. I didnt have it and told him we didnt even have life insurance. see page 2.

  18. Denise Stephens Says:

    Page 2……he came over 3 different times starting just 2 weeks after he died like come over for a movie or something…get a bite to eat and the last one was fly to Vegas for 2 days. I said no very politely each time. He started sitting outside in front of my house every night till 6 am. Then he started looking in my windows and jiggling door knobs and scratching the 2 screen doors. This went on till March of this yr and finally decided to move to other side of town and only 1 person knew…my best friend and I trusted her. He was taking a wire coat hanger taking screen and somehow getting it thru window and poke me while3 i would be sleeping. he actually called power co and acted like michael and had it shut off 2 days b-4 i was moving and they gave him address to my new place. He paid his ex brother in law to move in right next to me and he has been there 24-7. He is up to old tricks. All 3 now call my name thru window but i answer..they run! These apartments have attiics and im really pg 3

  19. Denise Stephens Says:

    (page 3)getting scared. its like he has stashed a camera somewhere because he knows when I move from one room to another and like I go to bedroom where he started yelling to living room window vice versa. He has taking the screens out here quite a few times. The only difference between the 2 addresses is the ones he moved in have it covered 24-7. She works 8 to 5, he works 12mid-8am and Doug he is a truck driver and goes in 6;30 am till 5 or 6pm. Im really scared to leave my house in fear he’ll do something. About a month ago someone smeared dog crap ALL OVER my front door and steps. I know it was him. Anyway, I NEED HELP AND SOME ADVICE. Thank u for listening. Denise from Indianapolis, IN

  20. dave watson Says:

    We have been stalked for 11 years by my wife’s ex-partner.
    It started in Thailand in 2001 he fled in 2003 jumping bail on a firearms charge. We moved to UK in 2004 and it started again.
    2 years in High Court and just finished another year in County Court. He instigates the cases and always gets legal aid.
    He’s after contact with my step-daughter, shes 12 and has not seen him since he abducted her when she was one. We were followed in Thailand by him, corrupt police and Private investigators. The man has Borderline Personality disorder but wont get help.He makes false charges and accuses us of harrasimg him

  21. Alix Says:

    I feel as if a camera is constantly i have grown stress from this and cant even do work in school because of my paranio i cant do anything without thinking of every escape plan possible. I am only 12. I cant live with this added to everything else going on in life.

    • Seresa Hall Says:

      I know how you feel, read mine. Tell your parents or a family member, or a teacher or just go to the police station and tell them, even if no one believes you, go anyway. your very young and cannot live this way. 😦 I feel your pain.

  22. Mildred Moore Says:

    I’am being stalked and have been for many years the police say you have to know who it is but i don’t he has call and thearded my life repeatedly the last month and has told us all what we were wear and how many was on my porch police want even try cause we tell them the truth we don’t have any idear who this is are why they are doing it
    helpless in S.C.

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  24. RAnia Says:

    Hillo iam a lebanese girl who lives in dearborn ive had an arabic stalker man that has been stalking me for 2 years.hes very mentally abusive and hes getting some of the people in my nieghbourhood to stalk me also they follow me everywhere even to my job they constantly harass me if anyone outthere has any imformTion on how to lock him away please let me know its a gang of them arabic stalkers

  25. Seresa Hall Says:

    I think I may be over reacting, or over exxagerating, but I am still worried. For the past…year, or 6-10 months, there has been this wierd pattern that happens. Sometimes it will stop for a few days, month or a week, but then it will start happening again. I am only young and I am worried, and everyone around me seems to think I over-exxagerate, but I can’t erase the fear I feel. There is this car, every week, maybe every other day, 4 – 5 days a week (it’s different every time) this car drives. Now, when I say drive, you think of a reasonable speed of at least 40mph, right? Well, this wierd car, drives at about, 3-4mph -no im not joking im fully serious, and it crawls along the road. Then it stops, with it’s lights on, and then sits there. The time it sits there for varies, sometimes its for 5 minutes sometimes its for 20-30 minutes. Just sitting there. No one gets out. No sound. Just sitting there. Then, sometimes, it will switch it’s lights off and just sits there, but after awhile it will switch them off and drive away. Sometimes this can happen a couple of times a night, sometimes its every other day, sometimes its like once or twice a week. It varies. And then rececntly, I started to notice it done the exact same thing, except it came closer. (at the beggining it was further down the end of the road) and rececntly I noticed it was practically outside my next door neighbours house. No moving. No sound. Nothing. And because this had happened alot, I was testing things. When I noticed it, I switched my lamp on, and my curtains aren’t blocked. You can see through them (not completely, but you will be able to make out figres and what their doing by any light in the room) so I switched my lamp on, and I stood there. I stood there, in the direction of the car, and just waited. It didn’t move, lights on. I was going to call in my mother, but I knew if I walked out, it would be gone when I returned because they would know theres a possibility I could go call someone. So I walked out and went out of the room for about 5 seconds, and sure enough when I came back, the car was gone. Now I know that this could be a logical thing and alot of people will think Im overeacting, but im not crazy and im not stupid. I thought at first, maybe its someone who dropps a relative or friend off from work, then I realised: It happens at late hours, 12 am, maybe later, sometimes earlier, and if they where dropping someone off, why would the car come closer? surely it would stay in one place and then leave.
    And then I thought: Maybe its someone who comes home from clubbing, then I realised: This is a resedentiall area, and I am the only young family in this neighbourhood, and it doesn’t just happens on weekends, it happends during the week two. And, again, why would the car come closer?
    So…I’ve ran out of logical explanations. I’m scared. Im worried. I live in fear and I know im not crazy or exxagerating. I know that there are strange people out there who do things like this. And im young. I dont want to be raped, burgled, or Stalked forever. Im scared not just for myself, but for my family, too. I cannot tell the police. My own family doesn’t believe me (even though one member has witnessed it themselves once) to everyone I am simply over-reacing, and like I said, I cannot call a member when I see it happening, because as soon as I leave that room, or they see someone or another figure walk into my room, it will be gone. I dont know what to do, I am seriously paranoid and scared. Im in fear. I don’t know what to do. I know there are things like keeping a baseball bat under your bed and stuff, but this has been happening for a long time now, so surely they would have done something by now if they planned to. So it might just be a stalker, people do that. Just stalk. And what can I do about that? If I never see them? I cant swing a baseball bat at thin air, so im constantly petrified of being watched. I don’t feel safe. At all. I don’t know what to do and I know nobody will probably even read this and I will be left to live in petrifying fear all alone. Im only young please give me advice, support, something. Im scared…Help me…Please.

  26. klasdklnf Says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m not exactly being stalked, but I feel uncomfortable. I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve had some problems my 40 year old neighbour who lives opposite me. When I was like 12 my friends thought they saw him take pictures of us and watch us through the window, but I just thought they were being silly.

    In the summer this year after a boy walked me home I received a message from a stranger (yes I know, bad idea) that I’d had on facebook and twitter for about a year or so. I’d just assumed they were a local teenager or whatever. It was kind of creepy, talking about how the boy who walked me home obviously “had the hots for me” and it freaked me out because I didn’t know who they were or how they knew what I’d been up to. I looked on their profile with my mum and realised it was the man who lives opposite me. My mum was like that’s weird, we’ll keep an eye on him and just be careful. The next day I left my house and my dad watched his window as I walked down the street and saw him get out a camera and take a picture of me. I was really scared and upset when I found out, just at the thought that he might have been taking pictures of me for a long time. My dad called the police and they said there was nothing they could do but went round and had a word with him. He denied taking a picture of me and said the message on facebook was just trying to be friendly. Later he sent me an apology letter through my door.

    Turned out he’d also tried to add another girl down our road who’s 14. He doesn’t do anything aggressive, but he watches me through his window and it is a bit upsetting and leaves me on edge. Last night in the middle of the night I couldn’t sleep and when I went to open the window and saw a shadow in his window watching my house, and then he quickly turned away when he saw me looking. It does worry me a bit.

  27. andi Says:

    where can i get help to stop being stalk!!! is there a group that can help? if so can you all assist?

  28. xtofury Says:

    Good advice but 1 mention of a computer involved or civil suit and it is immediately dismissed by the cops around here!

  29. patience Says:

    i have a similar story to sara there is this guy who come to my work place drinks coffee and stares at me whenever am on my way to work i see him and i even saw him walk pass my window he freaks me out he is either a Russian, German or Turkish this is based on the language he speaks he is 6,1 and has a shaved head i don’t know if he his stalking my of if i’m just going crazy. what should i do?

  30. notagain. Says:

    I suffered acquaintance stalker for just over 2 years – I think it has stopped though no-one can ever guarantee that. The one aspect that I wish someone could answer is the one thing that scared me the most, and that is the staring. I refused a date with him (it was a work situation) and things just went downhill fast from there. Is the blank staring a threat/ intimidation? Or is it the sign of mental immaturity/illness? I am late thirties and he must have been near fifty so not behaviour expected in a mature adult. I left the job, thinking that would resolve it, but as I have to live in the same town as this person – it carried on in the local supermarket and around town and unfortunately outside my house. The police were very good and did their warning steps which seemed to have worked but I recently saw this person and his appearance has changed drastically. Grown facial hair and drastic change to style of clothing (black leather jacket etc) I worry that it means something bad. I don’t have the strength left to go through it again.

  31. beth Says:

    i have been stalked now for a while but it is a little different from what everyone elses situation is like. its three lads that live in my area but i have neva seen them before but it feels like they know when im going to be on ma own, there not like ordanary stalkers because they keep thretening me to stay away from my partner who i have been wiv now nearly 2 years but because i dont know who they are theres not alot i can do about them but they asolt me and now im scared to leave my house because of this. does anyone have any ideas what i can do to stop this or atleast be safer? any help would be great i have tried everything i can think of.

  32. Targeted Individual Says:

    I am sending you a message you to ask if you would help raise awareness about GangStalking. Very little is known to the public about this new crime.

  33. Rlp Says:

    I moved into a different state after I became disabled and unable to afford my home of thirty years and after a divorce from a twenty year marriage. I had not been in my new home four days when a man was heard banging away up on my roof trying to break in! I was home, had a huge guard dog barking, and have a complete home alarm system. Another attempt, when I was taking groceries out of my car and left garage door opened. He came into my garage while I was home, opened a ground level window, opened locks, pushed in safety latches, disabled alarm sensor, and took my screen. If I hadn’t found it, he was ready to slip into my home at his convenience.

    For two years now, he has tried a few more times to break in….usually when I am home! I have had the police here several times, reporting all his attempts to break in. In fact, he successfully robbed the house next door, and I see him driving by my home all the time, checking up on me. Just last week, he sat in the driveway of the house next door, just sitting there for ten minutes staring at my house. Only one policeman out of seven that came here, went to his home and spoke to his wife. However, that didn’t stop him either. He just waits it out until the dust settles, then returns like business as usual. He is persistent, a six month wait is nothing for him and he lives close by.

    Since he has been in my face knocking at my front door on two occasions trying to get me to open the door to talk to me about the house next door (I refuse to open my door) I can identify him, and gave police his physical description, license plate number and make of vehicle. The police know who he is and say there is nothing they can do because “technically” he has not broken in….yet.

    So here I am, a disabled, female senior, in my home like a sitting duck while this guy circles me like a low flying vulture. I am terrified that he will eventually kill me to rob my home since he keeps coming back. He is not daunted by my aggressive dog, a home alarm, a police visit to his wife, or that I have seen him up close through doors and windows. I fear he has planned to deal with the dog in a lethal manner and kill me because of these reasons I listed.

    Anybody have ideas? Two lawyers refused to help, telling me to go back to the police….who do nothing. I write to county DA and got no response. What can I do? I am not ready to die yet, but feel Its only a matter of time.

  34. Rebecca M Fuentes Says:

    I have been feeling this way for a bit I have been through several traumatic events since 2009 . In my heart I do not feel crazy or out of touch with reality. But I walk a lot because I have epilepsy and although I could drive locally on streets My car broke down and I simply decided Its better to walk. But I speak about my odd experiences to everyone in my life, I feel like I have a stalker and a few friends have corroborated by saying they were threatened to not speak to me? The last incident I had To the best of my perception, I left my home where I rent a room the window and door locked, and upon returning I immediately felt someone had entered my room.So I checked my journals , diary and notebook pages were torn out from all where I had emails passwords and account info, the books were even left open with remnants of torn page.since I never tear out a page unless its blank I knew that I could not be imagining this. But since there are several ex bf and ex lovers who have always been obsessive, sneaky and stalkerish I can not pin point who it is for sure. So I was thinking to move to different city, change phone number, maybe even my name and only stay in contact with necessary family. But is this in my head why can the person just speak to me I’m not that interesting, I just want peace!

  35. mark Says:

    What do I do when I have a group of people stalking me following me harassing me blowing horns follow me every where I go for six months now. The law won’t do anything I have tags numbers tapes. Recordings. Nothing is being done think the law is working with them. This is gone on for six months now and don’t know what to do. Please hekp

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