You need to keep a record of every suspicious event that occurs or every unsolicited article that you may receive.  It is important to note down the date, time, when, where, and what occurred or what was received.  To enable this to  be used as evidence at any later Court hearing, you must ensure it is recorded contemporaneously; ie – write it down immediately while it is still fresh in your mind.


  • Keep envelopes as well as contents, if possible, try not to open letters/parcels and just hand to the police.  If it has been opened:
  • Handle the item as little as possible and hold by the corners/edges where possible.  If you feel you have to see the contents, put on gloves so that your fingerprints are not on it.  Do not let anyone else touch it, even though they may want a look.
  • Do not mark, staple, pin or fold the document
  • All paperwork should be placed into another larger envelope or paper bag (not plastic) – do NOT write on the larger envelope after the paperwork has been placed in there.

Damp/wet items:

  • Place into a polythene bag (freezer bag), seal and immediately put into a freezer.  Do not use paper bags as they will just go damp and tear.
  • If you can’t place into a freezer, try to separate the items and lay them out on kitchen paper to air dry naturally.  Once dry, place into a paper bag/envelope – remember NOT to write on it.  Do NOT use hair dryers or place into an airing cupboard.

Hypodermic needles/syringes/other sharp objects should be handled with extreme caution to avoid contamination or injury:

  • Do not try to remove needles from syringes
  • Place items into a strong cardboard box or plastic container such as a sandwich box


  • Place into a clean plastic container (eg; sandwich box) and freeze.  If there are items that you really don’t want to keep, or can’t store like this, then please take a photo or video of the item and contents if applicable, with a ruler or tape measure along one or two sides with the measures at right angles.  In all cases keep the packaging, even if you are disposing of the contents.

(c) Copyright Tracey Morgan 2008

One Response to “EVIDENCE – WHAT TO DO”

  1. Alice Says:

    What can u do if u have been placed under hypnosis against your will but your not able to see the person who did it- but you can hear them? These people have been doing this to me for a year and two months now- my family and friends are aware of it but I can’t see who the culprits hypnotist is.

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