I have spoken at many conferences and workshops since 1995, I will be adding to the list as I go through my diaries.


East Sussex Magistrates Association

ACPO/Home Office Conference – December


Criminal Justice & Health Agency Conference, Nottingham – March

Thames Valley Police training – March

Thames Valley Probation Conference – April

Thames Valley Multi-Agency Workshop, Milton Keynes – April

West Berkshire Mental Health Trust – September

Thames Valley Police training – October


Avon & Somerset Probation Trust Conference – March

Thames Valley Police Women’s Network Conference – March

Thames Valley Police training – April

Feedback from Criminal Justice Agency training sessions:

“The impact of the two victims’ inputs was immense and had the biggest effect on broadening my outlook and awarness”

“Speakers were excellent.”

“I felt the speakers were brilliant”

“Informative and enlightening.  Probably one of the best seminars I have attended”

 From Dorset Criminal Justice Consultation Group Conference 2005:

 “Thank you…you lived right up to my expectations and well beyond them.  Everyone who came to the Conference found your account of what had happened to you and other victims you have dealt with who have suffered from stalking moving and powerful.  You brought home to all of us just how much every aspect of a person’s life is affected by a stalker.  I know that next time any of us who listened to you deals with a stalking case we will approach it in a different way.”


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