It’s national stalking awareness week in the UK once again. An opportunity for those who know and understand this crime to spread the word and help those who aren’t aware of the huge impact stalking has, and the potential for what could happen. In fact, EVERY week should be awareness week, in order to save lives, don’t wait for one week a year – keep it up!

Please book onto the conference (click below) taking place tomorrow about stalking and public health.

National Stalking Awareness Week Conference

See for more information on this week’s activities and all the work being done.

I have endorsed this letter to Sara Thornton educating her on the danger of ignoring stalking behaviour by prioritising other crimes. 94% of women murdered by ex-partners were stalked in the year prior to the act of violence. By asking for what may be perceived as innocent incidents to be less of a priority, it means that that number may rise. This is about murder prevention. National Stalking Consortium Response to Chair of NPCC

Sharing Information

May 3, 2017

Everywhere we go these days, people want your information.  As a victim, it’s a minefield.  Trying to limit where and what information is shared is difficult and if not done could, potentially, put someone at risk. Even my phone seems to automatically enable location, if I’m not on the ball and don’t disable it, this could provide goodness knows who with where I am, my regular locations etc… this has the potential to put me at risk. Social media is a whole other story.

When a shop or business asks for information I always ask:

What information do you need?

Why do you need it?

What are you doing to do with it?

Sometimes I can see through the faff they tell me but it’s really important to know where your information is going.  Will it be sold on? And why, if I am buying a battery, does the shop need to know my name and address?

Sometimes I say no.

Always ask, you never know.

Lots of awareness raising is about educating those who need it, however we are all aware of those in and around the criminal justice system who already know how serious stalking is and who are already heroes to the victims they are trying to protect. Sometimes is it the system that lets them down, the system that needs changing.

To those who know and who are already doing their best: THANK YOU 

Today is the start of a new week, National Stalking Awareness Week 2017 is over.

Despite this, it is still vital that we continue to push the message at every opportunity that stalking is a serious crime with the potential to end in tragedy. Some of us have known this for years yet our voices not loud enough to change attitudes. Changing laws has been relatively much easier!

We still have a long way to go in educating those who need it on the fact that anyone not taking a victim seriously – be it police, CPS, courts, prison or probation – has the potential to leave them with the prospect of an inquest and inquiry. It goes without saying that the victim will be already suffering psychologically from the terror of being stalked.

It is vital that a victim is taken seriously from that first report.  They are already feeling paranoid, stupid and are minimising what is happening to try to rationalise it.   It is likely the stalking has been happening for a while.

If a victim is asking for help, go back to basics, look at the evidence and behaviour of the alleged perpetrator; are these actions from a reasonable person? Or are they someone who seems obsessed, is their life preoccupied with their victim? Use those checklists and trust your instinct – do not just rely on a list of tick boxes.

Join the dots…put the acts together, don’t separate out 3 acts of criminal damage, breach of the peace etc… join them together to prove a course of conduct.

Let’s start looking at stalking as a prelude to murder, we have come so far since I first went public in 1995, but we still have a long way to go. Back then I was virtually a lone voice, now there are many other voices joining the chorus and doing amazing work.  Please let’s continue in harmony so that our voices can be heard and lives saved.

Stalking Matters #NSAW17

April 27, 2017

When Nashville, USA introduced stalking legislation, their murder rate dropped by 50%.

Now there is evidence of a link, the UK needs to start looking at stalking behaviour as a prelude to violence and murder, then our fatality rate will go down too.

TO everyone who works in or with the Criminal Justice agencies:

Please ACT fast to prevent lives being damaged or destroyed.

Please ACT.


94% Matters #NSAW17

April 26, 2017

So finally there is evidence that stalking can and does lead to violence/murder according to the latest Suzy Lamplugh Trust research.

About 15 years ago, when I led the Network for Surviving Stalking, we, together with Dr Lorraine Sheridan then at Leicester University, tried to undertake a similar piece of research to prove that there was a link. 

Of all the police forces, only 3 responded saying that of their murder cases, none were linked to stalking behaviour.

It is great to finally see the link recognised that stalking can lead to murder.

It is now time for the police and criminal justice agencies to ACT and put in place effective training and awareness so that lives will be saved.



Contact The National Stalking Helpline:

0808 802 0300

If it’s busy it means people are getting help, please keep trying!

If you feel in imminent danger, just dial 999






24th April 2017 kicks off National Stalking Awareness Week in the UK.  An opportunity to raise awareness that stalking:

  • is NOT just a celebrity problem
  • is NOT a minor nuisance crime
  • is NOT something the victim should feel flattered by
  • IS a serious crime
  • IS life changing and devastating
  • IS something which affects an average of 21 people around the primary victim
  • IS something which has the potential to end in tragedy

What are you waiting for?  Please post, repost, tweet, retweet, tell, write so the message is spread…