I am disgusted that the register for stalkers & abusers has been voted out by MPs. When we discovered, in about June 1999, that my stalker had changed his name by deed poll to that of my former partner, I went to the police in relation to a breach of restraining order, citing breaching the “holding paperwork relating to friends/family” bit. The CPS said that a restraining order is there to “restrain not instruct” therefore he has his liberty to do this. At this point he had over 20 convictions relating to his stalking of me. This was only discovered when a documentary was about to be transmitted and he was in a relationship with a woman after coming out of prison with this new name. She didn’t know about his past and the publicity around the documentary was mystifying people because it was his face, but not his name so he told her that it was, apparently, me just being vindictive (imagine, me, having the ITV network at my disposal!). As a result of this loophole, I started a campaign for a stalkers register (this was when I was the lone voice, with the support of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust) and in 2000, I raised the need for one with then Home Office Minister, Charles Clarke, which is documented in the media that the Government would consider it. On 4th July 2001, he was jailed for life for trying to kill her. Perhaps, if the register had been in place, she would still have the use of 2 hands and be free of the psychological damage it caused. This lady is still alive, however there are many who are not because they weren’t aware of someone’s violent (physical or psychological) history. We have annual parole hearings and have to prepare for his possible release each time, yet there is still no register to protect anyone from him. Why are our lives not important enough to protect us from obsessed psychopaths? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/16/anger-tory-mps-vote-against-register-stalkers-domestic-abusers

If you or your company have a chosen charity, please consider the National Stalking Helpline’s Reach Appeal.  Currently 40% of callers are unable to get through, the appeal is to increase the service to be able to respond to everyone who contacts the Helpline for advice and information.  I am adopting it as my charity for 2015, please do the same, or ask your company too.  Pledge to raise funds, campaign for it to be a Text Santa chosen charity. WHAT A DIFFERENCE WE COULD MAKE!  You know how important it is for a victim to have someone who understands, someone who knows and can advise and guide. All the stats say how ‘almost half’ of stalking cases are ex-partner, who seem to be dealt with under the domestic violence flag.  But that means OVER HALF are not ex-partner, where do these victims go for help?  Currently the only support is the Helpline!  PLEASE let’s make a difference. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and peace filled 2015. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/charity/displayCharityCampaignPage.action?charityCampaignUrl=reach


I am so proud that DCI Linda Dawson has today been awarded the MBE for her work with victims of stalking/harassment and policing.  In a few days, it will be 21 years since she knocked on my door, as a Detective Constable, in response to the call for help with a problem I had with a colleague.

It was she, and her dedicated Sergeant, Ian Smith, who asked me if I would go public with my case in February 1995, as they didn’t know what else to do in order to protect me, it was the only way to highlight the loophole in the law.

It has been a long journey, laws changed, improvements made to policing, but hers or Ian’s dedication to improving life for victims never wavered, and she is still actively working to improve things today.

I am so pleased that someone so dedicated, that someone who actually deserves it, has received this honour.

Well done Linda!

Very proud to know Claire Waxman, who has launched a campaign to help get victims of crime justice in the justice system.  At every turn, we all feel that a perpetrators rights come above that of their victims, which effectively means lives are put at risk, and victims are made to feel they don’t matter.  Despite a number of governments purporting to put victims more central to the system, injustices are still taking place every day in courts throughout the country.  Claire, myself and many like us want that changed.  Here is her website, please support it: http://www.voice4victims.co.uk/get-involved/ Follow the campaign on Twitter: @voice4victims

Please take a look at http://www.protectionagainststalking.org/node/50 to see Protection Against Stalking’s Parliamentary Project and the associated bulletins.

I firmly believe the Protection from Harassment Act needs reviewing. It was brought in to tackle stalking but is being used for all types of harassment which, in effect, means that stalking cases are being categorised in the same way as a boundary dispute or an argument over a hedge. My views, which have been heard by the Parliamentary Committee reviewing the law, are that we need the highest level (in addition to Section 2 & Section 4) as Stalking so that it is made a legal term and is treated far more seriously than it is at the moment. I’ve also asked for a stalkers register, for mandatory psychiatric assessment and for risk assessments. I have also asked that the Human Rights of the victim are put above that of the perpetrator. EVERY time, the rights of the criminal come first.

A momentous day. A helpline for victims of stalking has been launched today.

If you feel you are at risk from stalking, domestic abuse or honour based violence, please take a look at the website http://www.dashriskchecklist.co.uk where you can download a checklist to identify behaviours.
This website and checklists have been created by Laura Richards BSc, MSc, FRSA, Criminal Behavioural Psychologist http://www.laurarichards.co.uk