Stalking & Physical Violence

April 10, 2019


There are still so many myths surrounding stalking, stalkers and victims. Sadly, because of these myths, many signs are missed, many victims not taken seriously and many stalkers that are allowed to escalate their behaviour.

It is VITAL that as soon as a stalker exhibits obsessive behaviour, he or she is dealt with appropriately via criminal justice or health. The sooner the intervention, the more chance it has of stopping.

Sadly, many cases involve physical violence and it’s at that point it starts getting taken seriously. Remarkably, I still hear of cases where victims are told “come back when he/she has physically attacked you”. What is there not to get with laws and so much information around these days?

I know I, and many victims subject to psychological torture, have wished for a physical act of violence just to get it over with and to show there is damage being done. The constant, drip-drip effect that can go on for years of not knowing if you’re going to be killed today has a huge impact. You can’t have bandages around your mind, yet damage is prevalent.

Sadly, there are too many victims being physically assaulted and sometimes murdered because, maybe, it was felt that stalking is just a benign ‘nuisance’ crime.

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